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Invectys’ pipeline

Pipeline Depth Underpinned by Multiple Indications and Platforms

Invectys Inc. develops a full range of innovative and very promising immunotherapeutic oncology products for human health:

  • HLA-G Checkpoint Platform: pre-clinical programs based on the HLA-G immune checkpoint
  • IVS-1001: a peptide vaccine containing fragments of human telomerase
  • IVS-2001: DNA-based vaccine expressing an inactivated human telomerase

HLA-G Platform

Invectys’ HLA-G technology branches out into two main applications: a line of Immune CheckPoint inhibitors and CAR-T Cells.

  • IVS-4001: novel Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICI)

HLA-G is an immune checkpoint, naturally present at the fetal-maternal interface, which blocks the strongest immune response currently known: the allogeneic response. Because of its broad action over the immune system, it is used by at least 50% of tumor cells to evade the immune response.
Invectys was able to produce a new generation of monoclonal antibodies specific to HLA-G and inhibitory monoclonal antibodies are currently isolated to target and disable this checkpoint to restore immune functions.

  • IVS-3001: CAR effector cells targeting HLA-G positive tumor cells

Invectys has generated several chimeric antigen receptors directed against HLA-G.
In vitro, these HLA-G CAR-Ts targeted all immunosuppressive HLA-G isoforms, either associated or not with the β2-microglobulin, and lyzed HLA-G expressing tumor cells.

IVS-1001: a Phase I/II UCP vaccine enhancing CD4+ response

IVS-1001 is a Universal Cancer Peptides vaccine. A selected pool of highly immunogenic peptides from hTERT that strongly bind to HLA class-II, it can be used in theragnostic strategies: as a prophylactic vaccine, to assess the immune status of the patients as a criteria for inclusion, for immuno-monitoring during clinical trials, or to provide universal help for any type of immunotherapy.

IVS-1001 is currently in Phase II trial in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), in partnership with the Besançon hospital.

IVS-2001: a Phase I DNA vaccine targeting telomerase

The IVS-2001 DNA vaccine contains a plasmid encoding an inactive yet immunogenic form of human telomerase, which is optimized to facilitate degradation and enhance peptide presentation and telomerase-specific immune responses.
The Phase I trial has demonstrated very promising clinical results in patients with various grade IV cancer indications.
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