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Invectys’ pipeline

Our pipeline

Invectys Pipeline

A full range of innovative and very promising immunotherapeutic oncology products for humans and pets.

  • INVAC-1:    DNA-based vaccine expressing an inactivated human telomerase
  • UCPVax:     Peptide-based vaccine consisting of a pool of CD4-specific telomerase peptides
  • INMAB-1:   Monoclonal antibody targeting a new immune checkpoint
  • TelVet:        DNA-based vaccine expressing an inactivated telomerase for dogs and cats


Lead product, INVAC-1, is a human telomerase DNA-based anti-cancer vaccine. It entered phase I in Q4 2014 with completion scheduled for Q2 2016. In addition to its development, the R&D team is working on combining INVAC-1 and monoclonal antibodies already marketed or either in phase III trials. Indeed, INVAC-1 could significantly increase the efficiency of other anti-cancer products, particularly monoclonal antibodies. As Mark Fishman, President of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research said: “checkpoint inhibitor monoclonal antibodies won’t cure cancer on their own”.



This Universal Cancer Peptide vaccine is a promising human telomerase peptide-based vaccine. It entered phase I/II clinical trial in Q1 2016.


INMAB-1 is a monoclonal antibody targeting a novel and very promising immune checkpoint that functions much like PD-1/PD-L1. It is currently under pre-clinical development.


TelVet is a dog telomerase DNA-based anti-cancer vaccine which is an INVAC-1 lookalike. This represents a radically new approach to the treatment of dog cancers, which constitutesa huge and unmet market.

A cat look alike has also been designed.