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IVS-3001 in subjects with previously treated Advanced HLA-G-positive solid tumors

IVS-3001 is currently being evaluated in clinical trial(s) in patients with HLA-G+ relapsed or refractory solid tumors. This Phase 1/2 trial aims to investigate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and clinical activity of our anti-HLA-G CAR-T cells in solid tumors expressing HLA-G.
You can find the full trial information on clinicaltrials.gov, NCT05672459.

Expanded Access policy

IVS-3001, our clinical-stage product, is currently not manufactured for Expanded Access use. Participation in a clinical trial is the best and preferred route to access IVS-3001. We encourage patients and physicians interested in IVS-3001 to learn more about ongoing clinical trial(s) by visiting clinicaltrials.gov.

Treating physicians may request information about this Expanded Access policy via contactus@invectys.com. Invectys will respond to inquiries within 5-7 business days from receipt.