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IVS-5001 – the Anti-ILT4 Nanobody

Novel molecules to generate ICP inhibitors VHH molecules are derived from immunoglobulins expressed by certain species of camelids (notably Alpacas). These are shorter,…

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IVS-4001 – anti-HLA-G Monoclonal Antibodies

Blocking immunosuppressive pathways a) Monoclonal antibodies and cancer In order to maintain homeostasis, the immune system response is balanced by stimulating and…

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IVS-3001 : anti-HLA-G CAR T cells

Modified autologous CAR T cells to eliminate HLA-G-bearing cancer cells a) What are CAR-T cells? Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) are artificial receptors, derived…

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Invectys’ pipeline

Pipeline Depth Underpinned by Multiple Indications and Platforms Invectys Inc. develops a full range of innovative and very promising immunotherapeutic oncology…

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HLA-G platform

HLA-G: from pregnancy to tumors Invectys Inc. targets a powerful immune checkpoint named HLA-G. HLA-G is a non-classical MHC class I molecule normally only expressed…

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IVS-2001 : A DNA vaccine targeting cancer

A DNA vaccine targeting a specific cancer marker Cancer cells produce an enzyme which is key to their unlimited proliferation, but is nearly never expressed in normal…

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