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About Invectys Inc.

A biopharmaceutical company focused on cancer

Invectys Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative immunotherapy approaches to treat cancers. It was founded in 2010 by two veterans from the Institut Pasteur, Pierre Langlade-Demoyen and Simon Wain-Hobson.

Invectys develops a novel approach to mobilizing and restoring the anti-tumor capacity of the immune system of cancer patients. This allows virtually all cancers to be targeted. Invectys focuses its efforts on two highly prevalent tumor antigens: the HLA-G immune checkpoint expressed in over 50% of cancers and the nearly-universal tumor antigen telomerase that is critical to uncontrolled cell growth.

Invectys has created two complementary technological platforms to reach its goals:

Winning the CPRIT Award in November 2020, Invectys has raised more than $60 million. It is backed by French and international private investors and has received financial grants from the French state.

Invectys’ approach has significant benefits compared to traditional oncology approaches:

  • targets most cancers
  • induces higher and more robust anti-tumor responses than those obtained with other products
  • a very innovative approach with no marketed competing products
  • addresses an unmet market
  • is more cost effective than competing treatments.

Core Assets to be Funded

  • Lead platform: therapies based on the novel Immune Checkpoint HLA-G
    • IVS-3001 : CAR-T cells targeting HLA-G
    • IVS-4001 : Checkpoint inhibitor Monoclonal antibodies
    • IVS-5001 : anti-ILT4 nanobody
  • IVS-1001: telomerase peptide vaccine, designed to activate CD4+ helper T cells
    • Encouraging pre-clinical results: confirmed specificity of the immune response, proliferation of Th1 cells, increased tumor-specific CD8+ response, no serious vaccine-related toxicity
    • Phase I/II in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) at the Besançon University
    • Early clinical results: increased CD4+ response against telomerase in 60% of patients
  • IVS-2001: State-of-the-art DNA Vaccine developed trough proprietary human telomerase vaccine platform
    • Phase IIa in planning in multiple indications, standalone or in combinations
    • Efficacy: 65% one-year survival rate, 58% patients experiencing disease stabilisation, 6 patients still alive as of June 2020

Invectys highlights & achievements

  • An advanced pipeline exploiting several technologies:
    • Innovative HLA-G platform with both MAb and CAR-T potential
    • Telomerase-based therapeutic vaccines
  • Potential in multiple cancers for both cancers:
    • Multiple avenues for combination studies
    • Unique prophylactic potential in early-stage and rapid-progression malignancies
  • Dominant know-how in Telomerase approaches:
    • Institut Pasteur legacy
    • Ongoing academic studies at University of Besançon
  • Multiple opportunities for partnership with pharma companies
  • Strong IP (14 patents filed)
  • Historic shareholder support
  • Talented and seasoned team, supported by strong Strategic and Scientific Advisory Boards