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About Invectys Inc.

A biopharmaceutical company focused on cancer

Invectys Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative immunotherapy approaches to treat cancers. It was founded in 2010 by two veterans from the Institut Pasteur, based on technology they developed within the prestigious organization. Pr. Simon Wain-Hobson was Research Unit Manager, and Dr. Pierre Langlade-Demoyen Research Director.
Since then, they have led the Company and directed the work of a scientific team to originate two pathbreaking platforms of oncology products, up to the clinical stage. As a result of the company’s development, Invectys received a significant product development award from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, (CPRIT), which led to the creation of the US holding company, Invectys, Inc., and the appointment of Dr. Praveen Tyle as President and CEO to drive the commercialization of the Company’s scientific advances. Simon Wain-Hobson returned to Pasteur full-time in 2020, and in April 2022, Pierre Langlade left the direction of Invectys SAS in the hands of François Lescure, and has since kept working for the company as a consultant.

Invectys develops a novel approach to mobilizing and restoring the anti-tumor capacity of the immune system of cancer patients. This allows virtually all cancers to be targeted. Invectys focuses its efforts on two highly prevalent tumor antigens: the HLA-G immune checkpoint expressed in over 50% of cancers and the nearly-universal tumor antigen telomerase that is critical to uncontrolled cell growth.

Invectys has created two complementary technological platforms to reach its goals:

Winning the CPRIT Award in November 2020, Invectys has raised more than $60 million. It is backed by French and international private investors and has received financial grants from the French state.

Invectys’ approach has significant benefits compared to traditional oncology approaches:

  • targets most cancers
  • induces higher and more robust anti-tumor responses than those obtained with other products
  • a very innovative approach with no marketed competing products
  • addresses an unmet market
  • is more cost effective than competing treatments.

Core Assets to be Funded

  • Lead platform: therapies based on the novel Immune Checkpoint HLA-G
    • IVS-3001 : CAR-T cells targeting HLA-G
    • IVS-4001 : Checkpoint inhibitor Monoclonal antibodies
    • IVS-5001 : anti-ILT4 nanobody
  • IVS-1001: telomerase peptide vaccine, designed to activate CD4+ helper T cells
    • Encouraging pre-clinical results: confirmed specificity of the immune response, proliferation of Th1 cells, increased tumor-specific CD8+ response, no serious vaccine-related toxicity
    • Phase I/II in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) at the Besançon University
    • Early clinical results: increased CD4+ response against telomerase in 60% of patients
  • IVS-2001: State-of-the-art DNA Vaccine developed trough proprietary human telomerase vaccine platform
    • Phase IIa in planning in multiple indications, standalone or in combinations
    • Efficacy: 65% one-year survival rate, 58% patients experiencing disease stabilisation, 6 patients still alive as of June 2020

Invectys highlights & achievements

  • An advanced pipeline exploiting several technologies:
    • Innovative HLA-G platform with both MAb and CAR-T potential
    • Telomerase-based therapeutic vaccines
  • Potential in multiple cancers for both cancers:
    • Multiple avenues for combination studies
    • Unique prophylactic potential in early-stage and rapid-progression malignancies
  • Dominant know-how in Telomerase approaches:
    • Institut Pasteur legacy
    • Ongoing academic studies at University of Besançon
  • Multiple opportunities for partnership with pharma companies
  • Strong IP (14 patents filed)
  • Historic shareholder support
  • Talented and seasoned team, supported by strong Strategic and Scientific Advisory Boards