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10th European Life Sciences Forum SachsForum (ELSCEO), ...

Invectys will attend the Sachs Forum in Zürich, 6. March –  7. March 2017


Meet Invectys there !

More information:  invest@invectys.com

The 10th Annual ELSCEO Forum & Exhibition, is being held on 6th-7th March 2017 at the Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel, Switzerland. This event will be highly transactional, bringing together an exciting cross-section of venture-funded and small-cap companies with leading investors, pharmas, and scientific thought leaders. We expect over 350 delegates and 70+ presenting companies. Event’s networking will be powered by online One-2-One meeting system and dedicated meeting facilities to make the event more transactional and productive.

Plenary Sessions will include:

  • Bio-Pharma Industry Overview for 2017: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Private Equity & VC
  • French Markets: Finance & Investment
  • Bio-Pharma DealMaking Outlook for 2017
  • Oncology DealMaking
  • Pharma Innovation: Role of Academic Medical Centres & Foundations
  • BaseLaunch Presentation
  • Elevator Sessions & Presentations
  • Seed Companies Investor Roundtable.

Therapeutic Panels will include:

  • Advances in Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics
  • Autoimmune & Inflammatory Diseases
  • Diagnostics & Biomarkers
  • Neuroscience I & II
  • Platform & Enabling Technologies I & II
  • Vaccines & Infectious Diseases.

More information:  invest@invectys.com

More information about this meeting at http://www.sachsforum.com/10elsceo-about.html