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Invectys reports in vivo efficacy of its pan anti-tumor...

Invectys reports in vivo efficacy of its pan anti-tumor anti-HLA-G CAR-T cells

These results open new perspectives in oncology for targeting cancer through HLA-G, a powerful immune checkpoint and a tumor specific antigen


Paris, February 4th, 2020 – Invectys announces today positive in vivo results on its anti-HLA-G CAR-T cells. Invectys identified HLA-G as a potent target within tumors, especially solid tumors. HLA-G’s main function is involved in pregnancy, protecting the fetus from the mother’s immune system rejection. HLA-G was recently identified as an immune checkpoint (ICP) molecule which generates a protective tumor microenvironment (TME) against host’s immune reaction. HLA-G is found on tumor cells and within the TME, but barely expressed by healthy tissues, defining it as a more prevalent and tumor specific antigen (TSA) than PD-L1.
CAR-T cells therapies are shown to be a breakthrough, particularly for B-cell malignancies. However, their application in solid tumor remains a challenge. The main limitations are: few highly specific TSA, low T cell penetration and the immuno-suppressive TME that dampens immune responses often associated with these tumors.

New specific antibodies

The Invectys discovery team has generated new specific antibodies against HLA-G used to develop 3rd generation of anti HLA-G CAR-T cells. Anti HLA-G CAR-T cells were characterized to be insensitive to HLA-G ICP functions and shown to be specifically cytotoxic against HLA-G expressing tumors, attaining a long-term T effector memory phenotype and a strong anti-tumor activity in vivo, controlling tumor progression for up to 60 days.

Targeting solid tumors with anti HLA-G CAR-T cells

These anti-HLA-G CAR-T cells are expected to not only eradicate HLA-G+ solid tumors but also to disrupt the associated TME. Indeed, by targeting HLA-G, not only are the tumor cells eradicated, but the anti-HLA-G CAR-T cells also counteract any HLA-G-induced immunosuppressive TME that protects the tumor from a concerted immune reaction.

The anti-HLA-G CAR-T project was recognized by the 2019 “Best Project” award from the MATWIN International Board and a “Merit award” from the ESMO Immuno-oncology Congress, in 2019.

About Invectys

Founded in 2010 at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Invectys SA is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative immuno-oncology treatments. To date, Invectys has raised €38 million from private funds. The company has developed a broad pipeline including one platform designed to provide low cost easy-to administer cancer therapies, and another focused on cutting-edge technology therapies, Invectys products could be used alone or in combination, and they are aimed to restore the antitumor immune-system efficacy in cancer patients.

Invectys press contact: Gilles Petitot
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